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Club Optimism Opens Tonight!!!

Yes, yes--we've heard the clamoring outside the doors for some time now. But the Club likes to keep tabs on its sister institution, Club Reality, and you know the way things are over there. They like to see things to know that they are true. They sat open-mouthed on the night that Sam Cassell made his Clipper debut and beat the Sonics. At the same moment, over at Club Optimism, KA threw open the doors saying "if y'all like soft drinks, I'm afraid I don't have any" as he ushered the Happy Few inside and started Clipperblog. Mein fuhrer was at the helm of this proud ship ready to steer us into the brave new world of Relevance. The Clippers were better than the Lakers. Elton Brand was a beast of MVP proportions after his first truly focused summer, Cuttino Mobley was a sneaky good veteran free agent signing, and the Clips suddenly were led by an extraterrestrial basketball force who was extremely hard to understand when he spoke, but there was some sort of wisdom there, a deep understanding of the game. We saw it in evidence on that opening night, and our bedraggled citizenry didn't even really know what it was. Some of us see the Clippers and we always believe, we hope, we give them our hearts and faith, and we think that things might just work out and we could get to the promised land. We believed in Elton Brand, in Mike Dunleavy Sr., in Chris Kaman and Shawn Livingston and so many others, whom some would call the dregs of the NBA: we believed in Nick Fazekas, in Rick Brunson, in Bobby Simmons and Big Z.

Consider Kevin Arnovitz and our fearless leader Clipper Steve, aka Monsieur Perrin, your hosts tonight, as Club Optimism opens its doors. Sure, it was never in doubt: we always knew that this was just where we would end up, that every step was carefully planned, that the Clippers were only biding their time, accepting their setbacks with grace. KA went to the game in Oakland last night, saw that it was good, and he's opening up the doors tonight. So I'm afraid I've got to get moving and head on in right now. SP enjoys the peace and serenity of his cruise, and he knows that he has given more than his best for years now, that the Nation is strong, and the Citizens are true.

Sam Cassell leading an amazing comeback against the Sonics is one thing. Having Chris Paul take control of a routine game and taking a lead from 1 to 15+ in no time is something different. The Clippers are a fine, talented basketball team with great players. They have an extraordinary leader.

Club Optimism is wide open, friends. If y'all like soft drinks, I'm afraid that, at least tonight, we don't have any.