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The Daily Clipper - Wednesday (12/28/11)

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Seems like it's been FOREVER since the Clippers first game. Tonight is game to against the ageless Spurs. Some notes after the jump:

Blake Griffin: Hollywood doesn't interest me -
Blake Griffin says he has no interest in stardom, despite the showbiz success of some of his NBA counterparts. Blake Griffin maintains he wants to be the best basketball player, not the most famous.

Chris Paul gets fresh start after six 'unbelievable' years with New Orleans Hornets | NOLA.comGuard cherishes memories here but eagerly embraces starring role with Los Angeles Clippers-ATIII!!

David Stern regrets the way he handled Chris Paul decision - The Globe and Mail
NBA Notebook: Commissioner admits mistakes were made in scuttling deal between Lakers and Hornets

Clippers-Spurs Preview - NBA News | FOX Sports on MSN
Clippers-Spurs Preview Clippers-Spurs Preview

Los Angeles Clippers coach says Blake Griffin can learn from San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan - ESPN Los Angeles
Blake Griffin may have lit the league on fire in his rookie season in 2010-2011, but, according to his coach, he can still learn quite a bit from his next opponent, Tim Duncan.

Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul -- It doesn't matter who plays point guard - ESPN Los Angeles
The Clippers have three All-Star point guards on their roster and two in the starting lineup, and judging by the action in Sunday's season opener, there are still some kinks to be ironed out.