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The Clipper Roster: Are We There Yet?

The question's coming up repeatedly in the threads: Is the Clipper's roster set? Are there only minor tweaks remaining? Is there a bigger change necessary?

I don't have anything particularly insightful to say on the subject but I thought we should formalize the argument in a separate thread. (We've got around thirty hours until the next game, there isn't a lot of news, and we're gonna talk about it anyway). There are a number of significant questions regarding the roster on our brains right now.

I'll take it position by position after the jump.

A backup big:

  • With the signing of Reggie Evans, are we happy with our bigs?
  • Is Evans going to solve our woeful rebounding problems. It's unlikely he'll play more than ten or fifteen minutes a game? Will that be enough?
  • I'll lay off the specifics but do we still need a specific back up center? Can that be Evan's role?
  • Should the Clips front office be aggressively pursuing a back-up center if that player is not a seven footer or close to that statistic (I'm talking about you, Ike Diogu).
  • Does anyone think Brian Cook (in combination with Evans) gives us enough depth behind Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan?
  • Should Trey Thompkins get significant minutes (more than mop-up minutes)?

A backup small forward:

  • Is Ryan Gomes an adequate backup.
  • Should Thompkins get minutes in that role?
  • What do you think of Vinny Del Negro's three-guard offense featuring Randy Foye as a small forward?

A backup (or starting two guard):

  • Is Chauncey Billups adequate as a starter?
  • Would Billups be adequate if there was a taller, stronger wing behind him or one who could swing between the two and three?
  • Are the backups (Mo Williams, Randy Foye, and eventually Eric Bledsoe) adequate?
  • Who among those three mentioned above would you consider a two guard?

If you'd like to trade, assuming you could trade any of these guys, who would you trade?

  • Williams? Foye? Gomes? Cook? One of the rookies? Bledsoe?
  • As has been suggested, is tinkering with the roster simply too much, are there are already too many changes? Should we simply stand pat (at least for a while)?