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The Daily Clipper - Weekend Edition - (12/3/11)

Well, after dipping to levels not seen in almost three years, traffic on Clips Nation has risen to a near record level this week - which is cool. And that's with very little actual news - just rumors. It's going to get nuts around here when camps actually open and free agents actually start signing.

Weekends are always a little slower around here, but here's a quick Daily Clipper to keep you busy.

StatsCube: Consistent producers needed to support Griffin | wasn't allowed to write about players during the lockout. Seems like maybe they were busy writing that whole time, because there's a ton of stuff up there now. Check out their season preview - it's terrific.

Mo Williams guarantees that Clippers will qualify for NBA playoffs -
I posted about this last night, but figured it needed a spot in the Daily Clipper as well.

Can Blake Reel In Top Free Agents? - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose discusses whether top free agents will consider playing for the Clippers. I haven't actually watched this - not that interested in what Jalen Rose has to say, frankly - but thought you might want to see it.

Dwight Howard in Los Angeles -- It just might fly - ESPN Los Angeles
Arash Markazi's story about how Howard could fit on one or the other of the LA teams. Nothing groundbreaking here - we've seen this story a few times already.

Chatting with Al-Farouq Aminu
An interview with AFA from the Clippers training facility Friday. Of note, AFA has been working out about five times a week already, so he should be in decent shape (being 20 helps also). You may recall that AFA's agent structured his deal to pay his rookie contract out over the course of two years because of the lockout, so he's one of the players who didn't miss a paycheck.

Vishnu Parasuraman on the new NBA collective bargaining agreement - Grantland
BRI, systems, mid-level exceptions, amnesties, oh my! Raffo FanShotted the Larry Coon overview yesterday. Here's another good one if you're still wondering what's in the new CBA.

The Ball Still Belongs to the Stars -
The 149-day N.B.A. lockout was mostly about money, but with a subtext of control. The owners ultimately failed to regain it and the star players appear to be as powerful as ever.