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The Daily Clipper - Chris Paul - David Stern Poop Storm Edition - 12/9/11

Lots to read out there today. There's other stuff happening too - turns out camps open today, and free agency officially kicks off in an hour or so. But I decided to gather some opinion pieces on CP3-gate in one place. I keep expecting to see a more thorough explanation of the rationale from the league, but amazingly have not seen that yet. If you find other worthwhile reads on this subject (not the basic recap of the facts, but some good anger and vitriol, that's what I'm looking for) link them in the comments or the FanShots and I;;l drop them in here as well.

Nixed Paul deal makes NBA look like second-rate bush league - NBA - Basketball
The last thing the NBA needs is controversey. But when the league nixes a three-way deal involving Chris Paul, Ken Berger says it's something you'd expect from some half-baked, fringe semi-pro league. Berger does angry better than any other NBA writer, and man is he angry on this one.

Taking a deal from done to dead, David Stern steps in, stabs Rockets, others in the back | NBA | a blog
Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle gives his take on the situation.

Stern kills Lakers' deal for Paul - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
After the Hornets, Lakers and Rockets agreed on a trade to send Chris Paul to L.A., the NBA commissioner intervened. Woj sticks mostly to the facts in his piece, but gets a few shots in as well.

David Stern blocking Chris Paul trade is mistake of outrageous proportion - ESPN New York
Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York is almost as mad as Ken Berger. Almost.

On NBA control of the Hornets, or what happens when a league fails to observe it’s own rules - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Eric Freeman of Ball Don't Lie gives his take.

Bill Simmons laments how far the NBA has fallen in the wake of the Chris Paul situation - Grantland
Day 6: When Chris Paul let us know David Stern had stayed too long.

With Chris Paul Trade Veto, David Stern Allows NBA Owners To Become Cannibals -
By vetoing the Chris Paul trade to the L.A. Lakers, David Stern has allowed his owners to feast on their own in the spirit of envy. The league is worse for it. Tom Ziller is always a favorite of mine.