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Rookie Challenge Open Thread

Hey there Clips Nation!

Well I'm here at  Staples Center for the first big event of All Star weekend, the Rookie Challenge. The NBA was gracious enough to accredit three people from SBNation, and as the local guy, I got dibs. (Dexter from Silver Screen and Roll and Rohan from At the Hive, who happens to be a Hornets fan living in LA, are the other two.) We made it in, but just barely. Those of you who went to the first Clips Nation night last season remember teh hockey press box, above the 300 level and towards the south end of the building. SBNation's positions are there - and are the last three on the south end. But I'm not complaining - we're in the building, and the idea that a company dedicating to blogging would be getting credentialed for an event this big would have been absurd a few years ago.

It's a little different here than I'm used to for Clippers games, as you might imagine. The place is swarming with media, and with people in general. I'm really just getting my bearings right now, and looking forward to the game where I'll have something as familiar as basketball to talk about.

I case you haven't heard, Tyreke Evans has decided not to play for the Sophomores, in order to rest his plantar fasciitas. He was replaced on the roster by James Harden, giving the Thuder two Sophomores, along with Serge Ibaka. (How've they been doing in the draft? First Kevin Durant, then Russell Westbrook. Harden and Ibaka aren't as good as those guys, but someone thinks they're top 10 from their class, so that's something.)

The game should be fun, if nothing else. Typically, the Rookie Challenge makes the All Star game look like a defensive battle by comparison. John Wall and Eric Bledsoe are going to be fighting for the right to throw lobs to Blake Superior.

I'll probably be on line during the game. I'll see you on the thread.