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The Dunk Contest - Griffin Will Attempt to Dunk Over a Car

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When I arrived at Staples today, the hot rumor was that Blake Griffin would be dunking over a car. Jonathan Abrams, the erstwhile Clippers beat reporter who now works for the NY Times, was the first to tweet about it. In fact, I had walked past a car in the bowels of the arena, close to one of the tunnels, so it all started making sense. But when I then heard the rumor that Griffin was going a "choir" I thought maybe we were all participating in a giant game of "telephone", where a phrase is whispered along a line of people, and then you laugh at the way it comes out on the other end.

Lisa Dillman then confirmed that Blake would indeed be dunking over a car. I went back and stepped off the car, and let me tell you, if he can pull this off, it will be epic.

But then I started thinking about the "choir" once again, and wondered what else might have come from the rumor mill on this one. How about these dunks?

Blake Griffin dunks over a Karl: What if Griffin dunked over George Karl? Or Hall of Famer Karl Malone, to whom he has frequently been compared? Or Carl Landry of Sacramento? Or all three of them? That would be cool.

Blake Griffin dunks over carbs: What if Grifffin dunked over a giant plate of spaghetti? It could be a tie in to the Atkins Diet. "Slam dunk carbs!" No?

Blake Griffin dunks over a quark: Well, as it happens, Griffin and all the dunkers will be dunking over literally trillions of quarks, which are after all not very big, given that they are sub-atomic particles. So that may not be very impressive.

Blake Griffin dunks over karma: Given the history of the Clippers franchise, which has seemingly been dogged by bad karma for decades, this dunk is definitely on the agenda tonight.