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Requiem for Baron Davis: Say It Ain't Mo!

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It makes sense, but it's not the way it was supposed to work.  Baron Davis playing for the LA Clippers was set up to be an LA fairy tale, an NBA Hollywood blockbuster.  It was only a few days ago, last Saturday, that we saw Baron's joy as he nailed the pass to the Beast and popped up out of the sunroof.  The tide had seemingly turned for Baron Davis and the Clippers.  He had played his best basketball as a Clipper over the past two months, first winning games at home with Eric Gordon, and then playing hard and making the team competitive after Gordon went down.

Clipper Steve obviously has some fierce reverse mojo going on, to have missed this story last night when he was doing his recap, and then being out of bounds all morning.  I'm sure he's right behind me with measured and cogent thoughts and deliberations.  But we need something up here to continue the dialogue amongst the Citizens.  SP will guide us soon enough.

I'm a Baron guy.  He tried my patience dearly.  But watching him play over the last couple of months was a lot of fun.  The Clippers have once again dashed our expectations, and increased our frustrations, about potential turning into reality.  Blame the injuries to Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon.  Blame Kaman again, that we never saw Kaman-Camby-ZBo.  Blame FElton for Baron's rocky start as a Clipper, and thank him, I suppose, for taking his blown achilles elsewhere.  Bring back Shaun Livingston!  Give us some sort of payback on our expectations, our hopes, our flagging, bedraggled optimism.

Oops!  Never mind.  It's U23 and will be for some time to come.  Hard to complain when Blake Griffin is playing on your team.  This is a good move, I suppose, as part of the Clippers upswing.  But I feel bad for Baron.  He was my guy, a standout amongst so many itinerant Clippers in whom we have invested over the years.  He had a great opportunity.  Now it's over. 

This is gonna be great.  But it's a sad day for Baron Davis.