Clips Nation Night 2: Update

UPDATE: Just wanted to repost this. This game, as well as most of the other remaining Clipper home games, is nearing a sell out. If you plan on coming and haven't gotten tickets yet, I would advise doing it soon. Once the game is sold out, there's nothing we can do in terms of getting more tickets available for Clips Nation Night.

UPDATE II (From Steve): I just checked and there are still a few tickets left for this game. Be sure and get your tickets for Clips Nation night. These are always fun, and I'm sure this one will be great. The remaining home dates are all selling out, and there are only four more days until this game, so if you want to be there, you need to get your tickets ASAP.

Citizens of Clips Nation,

Clips Nation Night 2 is official! We will be holding the second Clips Nation Night of this season on March 26th, 2011 against the Toronto Raptors. Like the previous Clips Nation Nights, we have some fun stuff planned for the citizens of Clips Nation. Here are the details for the event:

5:15 - Check in begins at the 11th St. Entrance

5:30 - Watch the Clippers pregame warmups (until 6:15)

6:15 - Pregame reception

7:30 - Gametime!

There is a private reception room reserved prior to the game for the pregame reception. There will be a cash bar, raffles for prizes, and of course a chance meet and chat with your fellow citizens of Clips Nation - face to face like real people.

Something new that we will be doing this time around is a Clipper Trivia during the pregame reception. The trivia game will be held in teams (the tables you are sitting at), and the winning two tables will get to go down to the Clippers tunnel prior to the game. Study up on your Clipper knowledge!

The ticket prices are as follows and you can Buy Tickets Here with the password "clippers": Tickets for this game are running out fast!

$20 upper corner

$27 upper center

$34 200-level

$50 100-level loge end

$70 100-level loge end "lettered rows"

As you'll see when you purchase tickets, each ticket purchase comes with a commemorative Blake Griffin All-Star Shirt as well!

What's especially nice about doing this as a group purchase is that there are no fees.

For season ticket holders who want to attend, just email with your season ticket holder information in order to get access to the event. Your names will be placed on the list at the check-in table.

So buy your tickets now and hope to see everyone there!

Go Clips!


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