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20wo30 intact: Clippers win in 2 OT

Yeah, Eric Gordon had a bunch of miscues but hit a huge shot to tie the game and send it into double OT.  Yeah, Blake Griffin spun at the free throw line to find Randy Foye open for a wide open 3, giving BG his first triple double.  Who cares?  It was the pathetic Washington Wizards, and the Clippers did everybody a favor by making the game entertaining, playing poorly, and letting Washington feel that they were tantilizingly close to getting a second road win.  Yi looked great, didn't he?

But when Kaman hit the wide open baseline shot to put the Clips up by 8, our favorite streak was suddenly in serious jeopardy.  Chris Kaman had 28 points tonight.  Obviously, his career high must be 29, because we all know that he has never scored 30.  Milph was wondering if the Clippers have ever had three guys score 30 points in a game.  Blake Griffin puts up a monster game and gets the triple double:  so what?  It was the Wizards.  But if 20wo30 had gone down, that would have been something.  What is Kaman's number at?