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Playoffs Open Thread - April 28 - 3 Game 6's

Since a conversation broke out on Spurs - Grizz last night (not to mention that there were three pretty incredible games), I figured I'd give everyone a place to meet tonight, if you're watching the NBA playoffs and want to chat with other Citizens of Clips Nation.

The Games:

Orlando at Atlanta - Hawks lead series 3 - 4:30 on NBA-TV

The Hawks looked like one of the weakest teams in the field heading into the playoffs, but then jumped on Orlando for a 3-1 lead. The Hawks play a brand of basketball I pretty much hate - every fourth quarter possession is an iso for Joe Johnson or Jamal Crawford - but it's working for them in this series. Of course, if some of those shots don't fall (a banked in three, really?) it's a different series right now. I don't think it's over. Orlando can win this thing.

Former Clippers involved: Quentin Richardson of the Magic, Josh Powell of the Hawks.

Lakers at New Orleans - Lakers lead series 3-2 - 5 PM on TNT

The Lakers weren't really supposed to struggle against the Hornets, who were the seventh seed going in, and who are playing without their second best player, David West. Not to mention that the Lakers were 4-0 against NO during the season. But Chris Paul is Chris Paul, and the Lakers have never really handled super quick point guards or pick and roll basketball very well. Still, the Lakers are so much bigger (Pau's essentially a center and Carl Landry is essentially a small forward) it's hard to imagine that they won't win this series.

Former Clippers involved: Lamar Odom, Steve Blake and Matt Barnes of the Lakers, none for the Hornets.

Dallas at Portland - Mavs lead series 3-2 - 7:30 PM on TNT

I missed Brandon Roy's renaissance performance the other night; sounds like it was spectacular. Clips Nation used to have a nice connection with the Blazers, until Andre Miller went safety blitz on Blake Griffin, which put a bit of a damper on the relationship. Still, the Mavs are pretty hard to like, so I suppose I'm rooting for Portland in this one. These teams don't seem to like each other much, and this game could be pretty intense.

Former Clippers involved: Andre Miller and Marcus Camby of the Blazers, none for the Mavs.