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Consolidating the Latest Andre Iguodala Rumors

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The buzz surrounding coveted trade target Andre Iguodala received a jolt Monday morning when HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy provided an update on the 76ers' intentions. According to Kennedy, it sounds like the 76ers want to deal Iguodala before Thursday night's NBA Draft, as successfully moving him would give them a clearer idea of what to do with the 16th overall pick. Kennedy reports:

Meanwhile, Philadelphia wants to move forward with their plans and doesn't want their drama with Iguodala to drag out during the lengthy labor talks, which will keep teams from trading players. A deal appears inevitable at this point, with sources close to Iguodala confirming that he's open to a trade and doesn't expect to be back in Philadelphia next season.

Kennedy adds:

The frontrunner to obtain Iguodala's services is believed to be the Los Angeles Clippers. Iguodala would be moved for Chris Kaman if this deal were to be completed, but other players and pieces may also be involved when all is said and done. The two sides have talked on and off since February, but both sides seem more willing than ever to make a trade work.

If the two teams are indeed close to reaching a deal, Rod Thorn isn't ready to tip his hand. Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News has this quote from the 76ers president:

"If we were able to make a move before Thursday, I still don't know if that would alter what we are going to do," Thorn said. "There's no timetable to get something done before the draft."

In a way, Thorn's quote highlights the fact that there are dozens of "don't knows" when it comes to predicting Iguodala's next destination.  While most agree that the athletic swingman will be playing anywhere but Philadelphia next season, no one knows when exactly he'll be moved, whom he'll be moved to, how much he'll be moved for, or to what extents the impending lockout and the likely sale of the 76ers would complicate a trade. For now, speculation is still speculation, even if it's of the thrilling variety.

There are the less exciting conjectures, too, including this tweet from the LA Times' Lisa Dillman:

NBA always full o surprises but really doubt that Chris Kaman is going to be eating Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and going to Flyer games

Of course, as Dillman notes, anything can happen and we may very well see a blockbuster deal go down in the next few days. Already, there's news that the Warriors aren't all that keen on moving Monta Ellis, which would seem to give even more momentum to the Clippers in the Iguodala sweepstakes. But what's to say Riley isn't throwing up a smokescreen while he tries to raise Ellis' stock?

The point of all this being, there's not much point in speculating right now. The better option is simply to wait until draft day, when teams will face an actual deadline to address their needs.  

Unfortunately, that option is also a boring one. Feel free to speculate below.