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1-13-12 - Friday the Thirteenth Daily Clipper (Late Afternoon Special)

I''ve been waiting all day for our own international man of mystery, Lawler's Law to put up the Daily Clipper. I guess he's off doing whatever men of mystery do. Anyway here's some stuff I collected today.

Magic Vs. Warriors: Hack-a-Dwight Yields An Orlando Victory And A Record - In case you missed it Fearless Leader tells us why Mark Jackson's strategy last night was dopey.

Biasotti: Clippers on rise, but a few player short This guy in the Ventura County Star says the Clips are in the middle of the most important two-game stretch in franchise history.

Clippers gear up to play Lakers on Saturday - They're calling it the "Battle of L.A." ' shared home court, Staples Center. The Clippers are coming off a 95-89 overtime win

Clippers Week 2: 1/12 - ESPN Los Angeles It's a podcast from Kevin Arnovitz and Jordan Heimer... and they interview David Thorpe who is not a believer. Only for the strong of heart.

Los Angeles Clippers 30-year climb to relevance - ESPN Los Angeles Mike Downey on the history of the Clips. Nothing new for us old-timers but perhaps the bandwagoners need a dose of history.

Rihanna Skips People's Choice Awards For Clippers Game We all know where the lovely Rihanna WAS on Wednesday night. Here's an article about where she WAS NOT. She obviously made the right choice.