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Clippers 102 - Lakers 94 - Post-Game Victory Thread

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The Clippers took everything that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers had to offer and came away with a win. The Clippers never trailed in this game, and responded every time the Lakers made a run.

Chris Paul led the team, as we suspected he would need to, with a season-high 33 points, 6 assists and 6 steals. He hit big shots time and again. Blake Griffin had 22 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists - a terrific game in which he did not force anything.

For the Lakers, Kobe had his fourth straight 40 plus game, finishing with 42, 30 of those in the second half. But the Lakers were reduced almost comically to being a one man team during the Kobe show, and despite some absurd Kobe makes in the third quarter, it really wasn't particularly difficult for the Clippers to close the game out, since the defense was able to focus almost exclusively on Bryant the entire fourth quarter. More on that another time.

The bad news for the Clippers (and we'll have to wait to determine exactly how bad it is) is that Paul left the game late with four minutes remaining clutching his left hamstrings. You do NOT want to mess with hamstrings. Kevin Johnson, perhaps my favorite NBA player of all time, was never the same player again after a series of hamstring injuries. Like I said, we don't even know what the injury is yet, but if it's a hammie, Paul needs to shut it down for awhile.

Citizen Lawler's Law will be along with a full recap soon. Until then, enjoy. Talk amongst yourselves.