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Discounted Clippers-Grizzlies Tickets Available at TiqIQ

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Sell-out alert. TiqIQ is an SBNation sponsor and I get a little money for running this post. Use that information as you will, but these look like some decent deals if you are interested in going to tomorrow's game. [Note by Steve Perrin, 01/25/12 4:18 PM PST ] Apparently they had given me the wrong URL originally. If you tried to buy these tickets earlier than 4:18 and ran into a problem, please try again. Sorry about the inconvenience. Steve

The Clippers take on the red hot Memphis Grizzlies (10-7) tomorrow night at Staples Center. The Grizzlies win streak ended Tuesday night in Portland, but they're still playing as well as in team in the league. Thanks to our partners at TiqIQ and their "Pick Your Price" inventory, we can offer you the opportunity to get some great tickets at a great discount. With an offer of $10/ticket on two "2-star" seats, you can save $25 off the face price. Looking to spend a little more to take in the game from better seats? Make an offer of $25/ticket on two "Premier Level" tickets for a savings over $70 on the full-price of each ticket. As with all "Pick Your Price" deals from TiqIQ, these purchases come free of any shipping or service charges. But act fast, supplies are limited and the game is tomorrow.