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The Daily Clipper - Super Early Edition

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Tough loss, but i was not expecting a win with a rusty cp3...Lakers barely won thanks to the unlikely Gluck-something bench guy and MWP showing up for the first time this season...I am sure we'll have more news when I get in the office tomorrow, but the clips have piled up already!

**Update** added a few more stories about last night's game(including KAs piece over at truehoop):

Pau Gasol downplays skirmish with Chris Paul -
The teams say they don't have a rivalry, but as an incident between Pau Gasol and Chris Paul during the Lakers' 96-91 victory Wednesday over the Clippers demonstrates, they sure do act like it.

Clippers-Lakers: 5 things we saw - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
1. There was an air of certitude coming from Pau Gasol following the Lakers' 96-91 win over the Clippers. It wasn't quite an I told you so, but he s

Lakers have the right attitude against Clippers -

It was a funny time for a playoff feeling with a handful of days left in January, but the calendar was suddenly flipped several months ahead Wednesday at Staples Center .Rapid Reaction: Lakers 96, Clippers 91 - Los Angeles

Lakers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

Man alive, would this be a good playoff series. I mean, gooooooooooooooood. Here are five takeaways from the best game we've seen the Lakers play sin

Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol and Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul trade barbs - ESPN Los Angeles
If the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers didn't have a rivalry before Wednesday night, they certainly appear to have one now.

Lakers-Clippers rivalry gets intense, Bill Dwyre writes. -
The Lakers-Clippers showdown at Staples Center on Wednesday clearly mattered, judging from the intensity of a game in which Kobe Bryant and friends eventually prevailed. Bill Dwyre column.

Twitter / @DanWoikeSports: "I’ve got a son of my own. ...

Love's deal celebrates the art of compromise |
DALLAS - NBA owners haggled with players for months during testy labor negotiations last summer and fall, seeking a system that will allow small-market teams to retain their young stars for the long run

Lob City Ledger: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN Los Angeles

Gasol trying to get funny with cp3...
ain't having it kid...

Still think L.A.'s other team is a joke? A savvy G.M. - 01.30.12 - SI Vault

The Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA and adidas will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the American Basketball Association’s (ABA) founding with a series of games during the NBA Hardwood Classics series.

Hollinger's 2011-12 NBA Playoff Odds - National Basketball Association - ESPN

What are the odds that your favorite team will make the 2012 NBA Playoffs? Check out John Hollinger's power rankings, which rank NBA Playoff Odds by a team's performance thus far in the 2011-2012 season.

Twitter / @Rohan_Cruyff: the hornets should not hav ...

Eric Gordon Says No to Hornets Contract Extension, Will Become a Restricted Free Agent | New Orleans Hornets |

Eric Gordon has said no to the Hornets last contract extension proposal and will enter the market as a restricted free agent this summer, according to Yahoo's

Source: Eric Gordon rejects Charlotte Hornets' extension offer - NBA -

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Guard Eric Gordon has turned down a four-year extension offer from the New Orleans Hornets, according to a person familiar with the situation.

NBA: Why The Warriors Are The Best Deal In Basketball - Forbes

Peter Guber and Joe Lacob beat out Larry Ellison to nab the always wounded Golden State Warriors for a record $450 million. Don’t laugh. They just got the best in basketball.

Deal My Be Decent for Small Markets - Forbes

The jury may be out awhile on whether the new NBA collective bargaining agreement will work for small market clubs. But a long term commitment to Minnesota by Kevin Love is a good start.

The NBA's Billionaires - Forbes

see photosAndrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesClick for full photo gallery: The NBA's Billionaires A couple of years ago, the New Jersey Nets’ planned move to Brooklyn had that look of a pipe dream not ready to come true. Neighborhood activists had already been holding things up in legal bottlenecks. Once that [...]