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Eric Gordon Turns Down New Orleans Offer

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It's in Lawler's Law's Daily Clipper column (here), but I thought it deserved a home of its own on the front page. Apparently Eric Gordon refused New Orleans Hornets latest contract extension. The offer was reportedly four years for around 51 million, which is around 12 million (plus raises) a year. Gordon will become a restricted free agent in the summer.

Many of us, myself included, were initially horrified when Gordon was sent away in the Chris Paul deal. But this probably proves what we suspected, that Gordon and his agent might overestimate Gordon's value. The max for an RFA will be around 58 million for four years. With Paul and Blake Griffin requiring max extensions in the summer of 2013, there's almost no way the Clips could have kept Gordon.

Is Gordon worth the max? At his best... yes, he might be the best young two guard in the league. But right now it looks like he might miss half the season. I was surprised NOH went as high as they did. Will someone (Indiana?) pony up the big bucks?