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The Daily Clipper - TGIF Edition

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Missed last night's game (see our Fearless Leader's recap here). It looked like one of those games, where I would get frustratingly mad at the tv!...Enjoy the links after the jump. Hat tip to those citizens who may have already posted some of these on the fanshots...too many to name!

Blake Griffin Baseline 180 vs. Grizzlies | SportsGrid
And if you think this was Blake Griffin's only highlight in the Clippers' 98-91 win over the Grizzlies last night, then you obviously don't watch Blake Griffin very much. He also had this spin-o-rama slam, and a rebound (yes, a rebound) that was noteworthy.

Power 100 2012: Blake Griffin - BusinessWeek

Hoops-Nation — Kobe Scoffs At Clippers – Paul Calls Gasol ‘Soft’ is the home for basketball fans worldwide. We're the fastest basketball source on the planet, sharing basketball news, rumors and much more. We are also the largest basketball community & forums on the web!

Mo Williams makes the most of his time with Clippers -
The backup guard gets limited minutes, but it's not limiting his effectiveness. In his last five games, he's scored 26, 25, 26, 16 and 18 points.


@CharlesOakley34: on touching Chris Paul's head...
"that a no, touch man head, I wish" From Raffo: Charles Oakley on why you don't touch a guy's head. I stole this from Chris Ryan on Grantland, but it's too good too miss.

Love Is Complicated, And David Kahn Reminds Everyone Why He's Famous -
Kevin Love signed an extension with the Timberwolves, but of course it's not that simple. With David Kahn in Minnesota, it's never as simple as it should be.

Lakers remind Clippers of gap between them –
The Los Angeles Lakers evened the season series vs. the Los Angeles Clippers and reminded Staples Center fans of who has the clout.

The Forum: The differences between the Lakers and Clippers - Los Angeles Lakers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
After reading what to watch for during Wednesday's Lakers-Clippers contest, watch us, along with Dave McMenamin, break down the central differences be

Is Chris Paul Overrated? | Dime Magazine ( : Daily NBA News, NBA Trades, NBA Rumors, Basketball Videos, Sneakers
Something big, something definitive, is supposed to happen in Los Angeles tonight. Not saying it will, but if you’ve been paying attention to those who

DeAndre Jordan is still learning how to block shots | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

Pau Gasol downplays skirmish with Chris Paul -
The teams say they don't have a rivalry, but as an incident between Pau Gasol and Chris Paul during the Lakers' 96-91 victory Wednesday over the Clippers demonstrates, they sure do act like it.

Clippers-Lakers: 5 things we saw - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
1. There was an air of certitude coming from Pau Gasol following the Lakers' 96-91 win over the Clippers. It wasn't quite an I told you so, but he s

Chris Paul forever changed Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers - ESPN Los Angeles
Dec. 8-14 forever changed the futures of the Lakers and Clippers. Ramona Shelburne re-does the Chris Paul trade.