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Well, That Was Fun Kids

JohnnyOC21 is on for the recap tonight, so I'll let him handle that. He deserves it too, since his first two games were at San Antonio and at Utah, the two least fun games of the season.

But I just thought I'd toss a celebratory thread up. Because let's face it, that was fun.

As most of you know, I usually end up watching the games somewhat delayed on the DVR (which is why I'm rarely on the game threads). Dealing with kids and homework and bedtimes, there's just not much way to watch the game in real time.

Tonight, after the kids had been banished to their rooms and I had settled in, just me and my remote control, they were roused out of bed on two separate occasions. The first was that 50 second stretch of four three pointers to re-establish the lead after it had dropped to six.

The second? Well, you already know that one.


The headline on the AP recap on is titled "Blake Griffin jam steals show as Clips dunk Thunder." Think about that. There was an entire basketball game here, with the Clippers beating the team with the best record in basketball. And the DUNK got the headline. And you know what? It deserved it.