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The Daily Clipper - Monday 1/9/12 Edition

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It's the official back to school/work week of the new year! Some of my co-workers who took extended vacations are back as well as most our schools are back in session. Here are some headlines (after the jump) to get you through the morning:

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul don’t like the ‘Lob City’ name | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Blake Griffin and Chris Paul don’t like the ‘Lob City’ name' from our blog Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo! Sports.

Reggie Evans could be the Los Angeles Clippers' key cog - ESPN Los Angeles
In his first game for the Clippers, Reggie Evans seems to be what they need.

Baron Davis enjoys renewed excitement in New York after bitter Clipper days - Sam Amick -
Baron Davis is nobody's savior. That much, Knicks fans, needs to be made clear right at the start.

Clippers' Paul, Billups, Griffin could be Olympic candidates - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee
Is it possible that the Los Angeles Clippers could have three players on the U.S. Olympic basketball team?

NBA Game of the Week Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers: Fan's Take - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
NBA Game of the Week for the Week of January 9-January 15 The first regular-season game of the so-called "Battle for Los Angeles" will be on Saturday, January 14, when the Los Angeles Lakers "visit" the Staples Center to take on the Los Angeles Clippers in... - National Basketball Association news

DeAndre Jordan a joy to behold, except at the foul line -
Sure, I teased him. As I said, I like TJ, and I am willing to bet this is the most he has ever written about the clippers!