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The Latest Clippers mix from Clipper*Joe

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The latest Clippers mix video from citizen clipper*joe may be his best yet.

I couldn't let this latest effort from Citizen clipper*joe languish in the FanShots -- and just bumping it to the front page wasn't enough either. It needs it's own video post.

I'll let clipper*joe handle the rest of the intro before we turn it over to Flavor Flav:

Hey guys, just finished my latest mix. I saw an ESPN Commercial from the Winter Olympics that inspired me to make this mix. The graphics are not the same, but the song is. I used the ending credits from Tropic Thunder as inspiration for the player graphics.

I also didn't use any in game audio cause the lyrics are just too good to get muddled. Oh, I also changed the pitch a bit in hopes of not getting the audio taken down. So excuse me if the audio is not up to par. And finally, I didn't write down the original title cause that is the name of the song, and that too, would red flag the video.