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ClipperSteve on Sheridan Hoops

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Be sure to check out Steve's guest column previewing the Clippers on Sheridan Hoops.

I was asked to write a guest column previewing the Clippers at Chris Sheridan's Sheridan Hoops blog. They have a series of team previews running called "Five reasons to feel positive about..." and obviously we have more reasons than usual to feel positive about the Clippers. Here's an excerpt (I just love excerpting myself!):

The Clippers took care of Griffin's extension in a business-as-usual manner without any fanfare or drama, perhaps signaling a new era for the franchise. With Griffin signed long term and Paul taking every opportunity to say how much he loves LA and the Clippers, it seems highly likely that the Clippers will be able to re-sign CP3 when he becomes a free agent after this season. And that will truly be the start of a new era.

Check out the column. I went with Chris Paul, the bench, DeAndre Jordan's development, Eric Bledsoe and Blake Griffin's extension as my five reasons. What would your list have been?

Also, speaking of guest media appearances, I'll be doing a radio interview today at 1:30 Pacific, 4:30 Eastern with WCWP in New York (for those of you who are frequent listeners to WCWP in New York).