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This Week in GIFs -- F-Bomb GIFs are Funny

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I've mentioned before that you should always be sure to check out Jon Bois' hilarious feature, This Week in GIFs on The selections this week were dominated by football and football related plays, but Felix Baumgartner plummeting to earth and Buster Posey being inexplicably shunned by his teammates also make the cut.

But out of all the choices, I have to say that the comely UT co-ed who drops a perfectly enunciated F-bomb to the evident surprise of the cameraman at that point focused on her is my favorite.



I tried to lip-read/reverse-engineer another word that she might have said there, so that when her mom called she could say "No, no, of course I didn't say THAT word. I was calling out to my friend Vic" or "I was ordering a newton and they asked me which kind and I yelled 'Fig'" but really, her diction is just too good. Plus, there's the score to consider.

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