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Video: NBA season predictions for the L.A. Clippers from Clipper Steve

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I recently shared a Google Hangout with SB Nation's Seth Pollack to discuss the Clippers upcoming season. Find out my predictions and concerns for the season, as well as who I think is poised for a break out.

As part of SB Nation's series of Video Previews across the NBA, I chatted with Seth Pollack of SB Nation NBA about the Clippers upcoming season. As it happens, I spoke to Seth the day after CP3 Day, so we spend some time (probably a little too much) discussing my exploits on the basketball court, but we also get to talk a lot about the Clippers.

The discussion covers my predictions for number of wins, and finish in the Western Conference, my choice for the team's Most Valuable Player and X-factor, my biggest concern heading into the season, and my choices for the NBA Finalists and the eventual Champion.