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Sam Alipour's report from CP3 Day

Like myself, Sam Alipour of ESPN got a chance to play in the celebrity game at CP3 Day.

I was not the only white guy who spends his time writing at Chris Paul's celebrity game last weekend. I wasn't even the shortest white guy, as it happens (though I was by far the oldest one). Sam Alipour of ESPN was my teammate for the game, and he has his video report posted at this point.

At about 2:45 of the video is a better angle of the play we've already watched a couple of times, Chris Paul crossing me over. I must say, I don't remember being quite so lazy about getting back into the play. In my head I was hustling the whole time out there, but I guess when you've just been made to feel silly by an All NBA first teamer, you take a couple of seconds to gather your thoughts.

The final video of my own experience at CP3 Day is still being edited. It should be posted by Monday at the latest. I can't wait to see it.