The Sterling Lounge: Week of 10/29

Welcome to another edition of The Sterling Lounge. This is an exciting week for The Lounge as we celebrate the beginning of the new NBA season, which will end with the Clippers being the 2012-13 NBA Champions.

So, how do I know this? Easy. I have recently purchased a Kia Optima, which contains a built-in time machine. I can travel to the past, present, future, and to the Matrix. If you do not believe me, please see the following examples, as illustrated by Blake Griffin:

So, remember to have fun in The Lounge. Also, we will soon be hosting a Sterling Lounge "Drake Edition" for the rare lovers of his music. We will also be hosting a Drake bashing in the near future for everyone else.

Meanwhile, let's start partying like it is 1999. Halloween is near and if you have yet to go to a Halloween party, then make sure to go to one after the Season Opener, because you sure do not want to miss out on the best time of the year for men's eyes! Lastly, is anybody dressing up for work on Wednesday? Any good ideas?

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