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Clippers Waive Travis Leslie

Clips let go of Travis Leslie, a second-year, second round draft pick. Roster stands at fourteen.

Kevin C. Cox

The Los Angeles Clippers waived second year guard Travis Leslie this afternoon. Leslie didn't prove anything or didn't prove enough to stick around and the Clips have (apparently) chosen to go into the season with fourteen on the roster.

Smart move by the Clips as Leslie was only guaranteed a partial salary ($250,000) and it leaves a roster spot open for an emergency addition to be added later. Apparently the Clips are around a million under the cap which also gives them some room to add a player at the full minimum (but don't quote me on that).

We don't know much about Leslie, he missed summer league and pre-season in 2011 because of the lockout, didn't play in summer league in 2012 because of injury. Then he hardly played at all in the pre-season this year. He showed little but it's fair to say he had little opporunity.

Given the situation, it's probably a good move by the front office. Good luck to Leslie in the D-league or overseas, he's got the size and skills to be an NBA player... maybe he'll be back someday.