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This Week in GIFs -- NBA GIFs coming soon!

SB Nation has a weekly feature every Friday called "This Week in GIFs" -- if animated GIFs of wacky sports plays is your thing, then TWIG is for you.

Abelimages - Getty Images

So, I'm not really a big animated GIF guy. I know the citizens like to post them on the celebration threads after wins, and that's fun and all, but it's not really my thing.

If it is your thing, then you might want to know about SB Nation's weekly "This Week in GIFs" feature. Every Friday editor Jon Bois curates the best sports GIFs from all over, so you don't have to. You know, I don't watch a lot of baseball or football, but this pretty much covers me for the week. A handful of six second clips and I feel like I'm all caught up on the week in sports not involving an orange ball.

But seriously, this play of pitcher Chad Jenkins having his glove knocked off by the comebacker, and then catching the glove with the ball safely inside, is pure awesome.



Be sure to check out "This Week in GIFs" every week on It won't be too much longer before there will be cool basketball plays in there.

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