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Clippers in China Tuesday: Practice and Sightseeing

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The Clippers held their first practice in China and Chris Paul was cleared to participate fully. They also got a chance to visit the Great Wall of China on Tuesday.


There are several updates on the Clippers official web site after the Clippers first full day in China.

The big news is that Chris Paul participated in his first full practice on Tuesday. Don't expect him to play against the Heat in China (though I'm sure that the NBA would love for him to make at least a brief appearance for the Chinese fans), but with the regular season still three weeks away, it seems like Paul will be more than ready when the games count. I assume he'll play in at least a couple of pre-season games when the team returns. Check out Madelyn Burke's interview with Paul after his first full contact practice of the season.

The team also played tourist for a bit, visiting the Great Wall of China. There's a photo gallery over at Be sure to check out Blake Griffin wearing a panda hat.