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Some folks in New Orleans are frustrated with Eric Gordon

Gordon is now "out indefinitely" with a mysterious knee injury, and a Hornets team that signed him to a maximum contract this summer can only wait.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Former Clipper Eric Gordon, the centerpiece in the trade that brought Chris Paul to Los Angeles, sat out the Hornets opener last night and is "out indefinitely" at this point. And no one quite knows what is wrong with his knee.

At least one sportswriter in New Orleans, and presumably a whole bunch of fans, has gotten pretty frustrated with the situation:

Something clearly doesn't add up.

Either Gordon's injury is worse than he or the team has let on, or Gordon is simply softer than a Morning Call beignet. And neither situation is acceptable at this point, considering how much patience the organization has asked from fans during this chaotic three-year transition.

Injuries, particularly nagging ones like this (and the Clippers have certainly seen their share of those) can definitely be frustrating. But I agree with Dell Demps -- I'm certain that no one is more frustrated with the situation than Gordon himself. Hopefully he'll be back on the court soon.