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The Daily Clipper: The Heat-Is-On Edition

Hump day means you get to enjoy a new Daily Clipper delivered to your CN front door!

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Jeff Gross

Everyone looking forward to tonight's highly anticipated matchup against the champs? Seems like the team has been off for a long time. Let's hope they come out firing on all cylinders and put the heat away early. Looking forward to the "Bench-Clan"* taking it to the heat bench!

* - My nickname for the bench.

CLIPPERS NOTEBOOK: Center Jordan's improvement boosts Clippers - LA Daily News
DeAndre Jordan has made seven consecutive free throws. Hes almost doubled his career scoring average.

Clippers get benefits by the minute -
Having such a deep bench has not only benefited the Clippers in wearing down their opponents, but it also has allowed the team to cut down its starters' minutes.

NBA All-Star 2013 Ballot - Vote NOW
uh, for Billups? Hill? Really? Over DJ?

Crawford signing is looking like a steal for the Clippers | crawford, clippers, don - Sports - The Orange County Register
Crawford signing is looking like a steal for the Clippers - HT to citizen lovinglosangeles

Clippers Podcast: 11/13 - ESPN Los Angeles
Kevin & Jordan give their weekly grades for the players. They chat with Clippers' Center De'Andre Jordan about the team's start & the pranking that goes on with the players.

Opponent news:

Championship hasn't diminished LeBron's fire - NBA- NBC Sports
Does LeBron James enter the NBA season content, satisfied, sated, having finally won his elusive NBA championship? Hardly. There is so much more to accomplish. There are Bird and Magic, and, of course, Michael to chase.

Miami Heat & NBA |
Your source for everything Miami Heat. Check out forums, blogs, scores, upcoming schedules, & the latest NBA news.

All-Around news:

NBA - Why Mike D'Antoni is good fit for Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN
Amin Elhassan says Mike D'Antoni's innovative offensive mind can blend Bryant with Nash, Howard and Gasol - Insider needed

Blame starts at top for Lakers' bungling of Phil Jackson's return -
From consecutive titles in 2009-10 to today's stunning failure to hire Jackson, Lakers have fallen far and fast, and responsibility lies with Jim and Jerry Buss.

Royce White goes off on Rockets for not helping with anxiety disorder
First-round draft pick Royce White is currently away from the Houston Rockets and says the team has been 'inconsistent' in its agreement to help him cope with his anxiety disorder.

Cheerleader falls on head, carted off during Magic-Knicks
An Orlando Magic cheerleader was able to wave to the crowd after a scary fall Tuesday night during a game against the New York Knicks. Jamie Woode, a member of the Magic Stunt Team, was being lifted onto a

Mark Doman: Life After Sports -- An Insider's Look at Athlete's and Their Finances
Almost every day, I receive a phone call from one of my professional athlete clients, who have a cousin, parent, or friend from high school in need of financial assistance, believing that this athlete has an opportunity, or an obligation, to support them with whatever is needed financially.

Finally, some 80s heat related music:

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