Trade question from a jazz fan

So looking at our two rosters, I think we're a good match for a trade possibility. Your guys big weakness is your 3rd/4th bigs. The players who come in for DeAndre and Blake really aren't that good. You have a pleothera of wings, but it's probably not ideal to slide matt barnes or butler to the 4.You also have a very good backcourt, with paul, crawford, billups when he comes back, and bledsoe.

The Jazz have tons of big men, and are probably looking to trade either millsap or big al for young talent. Soooo.....\

You guys give up bledsoe, we give up millsap. Millsap right now is playing like a top 30 player in the NBA, (arguably higher with a top 20 PER and great defense to date), and would give you guys easily the best front court rotation in the league. It puts you over the edge into legit contender status as well. You lose Bledsoe, but with billups coming back he'll probably even see less time on the floor.

So what do you guys think?! Is this a doable trade for your franchise? I think it's one mine would definitely consider, especially if we struggle to stay in the playoff hunt.

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