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Daily Clipper for November 17, 2012

Here are some Clipper-related news to get you through the day until showtime this evening at the Staples Center when the Clippers face the Chicago Bulls.

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Chris Paul, Clippers score impressive victory against Heat | The Point Forward -
The Point Forward – -'s NBA Blog

LeBron James calls Chris Paul the best point guard in the NBA -
LeBron James calls Chris Paul the best point guard in the NBA after the Clippers beat the Miami Heat.

Clippers' Caron Butler Giving Needy Families In Hometown Thanksgiving Meals |
Los Angeles Clippers forward, Caron Butler, is focused on the current NBA season... but when he does get off time, he making sure he uses that time wisely.

Lamar Odom: You can't compare Clippers to Lakers -- not yet -
The Clippers' Lamar Odom, a former Lakers said "we can't compare what the Lakers have done to what the Clippers are trying to do."

Blake Griffin's game continues to evolve - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Blake Griffin knows what his critics think about his game and he doesn't really care.

Crawford’s newfound commitment paying off -
Jamal Crawford is off to a great start for the Los Angeles Clippers, who host the Bulls on Saturday. A year ago, Crawford talked about how he was hoping to join the Bulls. He's one of several shooting guards around the league that seemed to have a chance of playing for the Bulls in the last year or so. Any regrets out there?

Bulls guard Derrick Rose might be in attendance for Clippers game - Chicago Sun-Times
Things that make Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau uncomfortable: Derrick Rose talk, bad defense, short practices and more Derrick Rose talk. In that order.

"Insightful" Commentary brought to you by Chris Webber (Note this happened before the Season got underway)

NBA CIRCLE - LA Clippers Preview 2012-2013 Season by Chris Webber (via NEWNBACIRCLE)

Around the League

Best NBA teams and players so far - ESPN
Our panel picks out the best NBA teams and players so far.

Six Surprises of the Young N.B.A. Season -
Rajon Rondo of the Celtics and Omer Asik of the Rockets have excelled. Ersan Ilyasova of the Bucks has not.

Report: New Orleans working to buy out Matt Carroll | ProBasketballTalk
If you want to know why the New Orleans Hornets traded Hakim Warrick for Matt Carroll in a seemingly meaningless swap of bench players, the answer was clearly money. We can say that because Carroll already makes $500,000 less than Warrick.

Rockets beginning to fine Royce White for his absence | ProBasketballTalk
On the surface, the impasse that has apparently been reached between the Houston Rockets and their rookie first round draft pick Royce White seems complicated, and the details seemingly make it difficult to choose sides.

Dime Magazine ( :

Marv Albert's Brooklyn - Grantland
The famed sportscaster has never called a game in his home borough — until tonight.