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Clippers and Karaoke! Join us in Fullerton Dec. 21!

Here we go again! We've got another Clips Nation Viewing Party coming up. This one is at the Stadium Tavern on Fullerton on Dec. 21 at 7:30 and at the end of the game it's time for Karaoke!

Chris Paul and Christina Pink will sing a karaoke duet.
Chris Paul and Christina Pink will sing a karaoke duet.

Seems like this place is suddenly becoming an actual community and no longer just a virtual community!

If you're not afraid of real people, and/or if you want to hear ClipperSteve sing, come join us on Friday December 21st at the Stadium Tavern in downtown Fullerton (yes, finally an Orange County event for the OC citizens). The Clippers will be playing the Sacramento Kings at 7:30. It's a home game, so if you're a season ticket holder or you already have tickets, you have a good excuse for not being there, but what about the rest of you? What's your excuse?

Clippers fan and upstanding citizen of Clips Nation citizen Ray Samora DJ's the Karaoke on Friday nights at the tavern, and the bartender is a big Clippers fan also, so they'll have most of the TVs tuned to the game and the sound of Ralph and Mike turned up. The Lakers aren't even playing that night, so Clippers basketball should be the only game in town.

We'll watch the game, and then Ray will start the karaoke right afterwards. I seriously LOVE karaoke and doing it with a bunch of Clipper fans will be... well, it will be weird, let's be honest, but it will also be fun. I haven't decided what I'll sing yet... Radiohead? White Stripes? Jethro Tull? Make a request in the comments.

They'll have some specials that night for anyone wearing Clippers gear (jerseys, hats, shirts, etc.) but we don't know what those specials are just yet. We'll keep you posted. The Stadium Tavern is all ages all night long, so younger citizens of Clips Nation are welcome. The Stadium Tavern is located in downtown Fullerton, on Wilshire Ave. just west of Harbor Blvd. The address is on Harbor, but the entrance is located on Wilshire.

Clips Nation Viewing Party and Karaoke!

Friday Dec 21, 7:30 PM

Clippers vs. Kings

Karaoke starts when the game ends!

Stadium Tavern

305 Harbor Blvd #128, Fullerton, CA

(714) 447-4200

Wear your Clippers gear to receive drink specials!