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This Week in GIFs: Eric Bledsoe breaks through

This week Eric Bledsoe's block on Dwyane Wade's dunk attempt broke the stranglehold that football usually has on the GIFosphere.

Stephen Dunn

So I've linked a few of these This Week in GIFs posts, and they're always fun... but they're also always football, at least since the World Series ended. And football is all well and good, but we're basketball people around these parts.

But this week we got beyond the football monopoly -- and who was it that broke through? Our very own Eric Bledsoe with his stuff of Dwyane Wade's dunk attempt. And yes, that is as it should be.



In addition to Bledsoe's block, there's a hilarious crowd shot from a Golden State game where Andris Biedrins actually made two free throws and it looks like they just won game seven of the NBA Finals. And back to football (this time of the European variety) I have seen Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal against England many times now and I still can't believe it.

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