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Just how well has Jamal Crawford been playing?

Jamal Crawford is currently leading the entire NBA in points per minute played, and is doing so with incredible efficiency as well.

Stephen Dunn

We all know that Jamal Crawford has been playing great in this his first season as a Los Angeles Clipper. But I'm not sure that folks get exactly how well the newly signed free agent has been playing.

Everyone knows that he's leading the Clippers in scoring at 20.7 points per game, which is good enough for tenth in the league. He's the only player in the top 20 in scoring who is not a starter and plays fewer than 30 minutes per game.

But don't be fooled into thinking that he's just scoring well for a reserve. He is scoring well, period. In fact, he is currently scoring more per minute on the floor than any player in the NBA -- that's any player, not any non-starter, not any guard, any player. His 26.5 points per 36 minutes is slightly better than Kobe Bryant's points per 36 at this point.

He's also doing all of this with amazing efficiency. His true shooting percentage of .683 is fourth in the entire NBA among players with at least five field goal attempts per game.

This is all too good too last, at least at this level. Crawford is on a great roll right now, and let's hope it keeps going for awhile. He's on a team with a lot of weapons, and that may account for him getting better looks than he has elsewhere in his career, but his shooting is bound to revert closer to the mean at some point. But for now, we should all appreciate what's happening.