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Clippers-Cavaliers Video Preview: Hanging with Mr. Kaczmarek

Stop by at noon to watch live as I chat with Conrad Kaczmarek, editor of SB Nation's Cavs blog Fear the Sword. We'll get caught up on the Cavs and see if we can figure out just how great Kyrie Irving is going to be.

Be sure to make time to watch as I talk Clippers-Cavs with Conrad Kaczmarek from Fear the Sword, SB Nation's Cavs blog. The webcast starts at noon today and will probably last about 20 minutes. If you can't catch it live, you can watch it anytime after it's complete as well.

If you have questions for either of us, you can leave them here or on the game preview post. I'll check both places. I can't always get to every question of course, but it definitely helps drive the conversation forward.