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The Daily Clipper - DJs Arrival Edition

DJ is finally coming around on both sides of the floor. I think the citizenry will be happy with the results!!

Craig Mitchelldyer-US PRESSWIRE

I don't know about the rest of you citizens, but I know I have been waiting for DJ to become a legit big for a few seasons. I think I may have finally gotten my wish! What cemented it for me: The P&R play with CP3 (in the 2nd qtr, I believe) at the top of the key, the rolled at the perfect time. Held the ball up high, too half a step, for a dunk and a +1!! He looked like a Hakeem on that move!!

Here's lots of stories about DJ and the Clippers win last night:

CLIPPERS FYI: DeAndre Jordan is a defensive force -
The role of the athletic center is to block or alter shots, or otherwise simply control the paint.

Rapid Reaction: Clippers 103, Blazers 90 - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Playing their first game away from Staples Center this season and the only one they'll play outside of Los Angeles until Nov. 19, the Los Angeles C

Daily Dime - ESPN
3. Thursday's Best DeAndre Jordan, Clippers: What can't he do? Jordan registered his first made free throw of the season after missing his first six over five games. He sank 5-of-7 in the win over the Blazers, part of a 21-point, eight-rebound night.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>@<a href="">deandrejordan</a> is now shooting 75% from the field this season. <a href="">#Clippers</a> <a href="">#NBA</a></p>&mdash; Isaac Lowenkron (@isaaclowenkron) <a href="" data-datetime="2012-11-09T06:19:21+00:00">November 9, 2012</a></blockquote>

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DeAndre Jordan becoming a force for the Clippers - SB Nation Los Angeles
DeAndre Jordan is coming off back to back 20 point games for the first time in his career. He leads the NBA in field goal percentage and looks like he's finally turned a corner in his development as an NBA center.

Jordan Schultz: Blake Griffin And Clippers Are Maturing Into One Of NBA's Best
It may only be November, but the Los Angeles Clippers are already showing a certain maturity, a maturity that they failed to manifest against San Antonio during the playoffs last season.

Jamal Crawford Makes The Los Angeles Clippers Contenders | Sportige

Clippers start fast, then need restart -
PORTLAND, Ore. — This time, the Clippers waited until they had built a big lead before they had a letdown while playing against a Portland Trail Blazers team not considered one of the NBA 's elite.

Clippers use Spurs as a model for success - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- The sound of Gregg Popovich's voice was seared into the minds of the Los Angeles Clippers during an extended offseason that began earl

Chris Paul becomes L.A. sports team owner - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- Chris Paul has yet to make a long-term commitment to the Los Angeles Clippers, but on Thursday he became the owner of a new Los Angeles


Ideal Clippers frontcourt sighting confirmed - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images DeAndre Jordan had 20 points and 11 rebounds, giving the Clippers half of a dominant frontcourt duo. LOS ANGELES -- Long

Other NBA News

Mike Brown’s son receives threats on Twitter - Lakers blog : The Orange County Register

Lakers fans understandably are angry and frustrated with the team’s poor play that has resulted in a 1-4 start. They fill the airwaves with their rants and social media with...

The Trail Blazers forward has reverted back to shooting mostly long-range jump shots, even though his All-Star ascension was predicated on dunks and his post game.

Blazers Insider: The All-Star Aldridge is missing ... from inside the lane |

The NBA and performance enhancing drugs - ESPN
In the wake of Lance Armstrong, TrueHoop examines the NBA's anti-doping program and its likelihood of catching sophisticated drug cheats.

Finally, Vince Vaughn's best role ever captures my excitement for DJ's grownz up!!

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