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Lakers Fire Mike Brown

LA Lakers fire Mike Brown.

Kevin C. Cox

After an 0-8 preseason, and a 1-4 start, the Lakers shoved head coach Mike Brown out of the plane this morning. Adrian Wojnaroski has Mike D'Antoni as the rumored replacement, but no official word on that. (Ramona Shelburne has her analysis here.) Apparently they'll be promoting an interim coach for the time being.

Nothing went right for Brown this season, the hiring of Eddie Jordan to install the Princeton offense seemed wrong-headed given the skills of new point guard Steve Nash. Kobe Bryant started the season injured, Nash is out for multiple games, Pau Gasol can't get anyone to throw the ball to him, and Dwight Howard, coming off injury, doesn't look entirely like Dwight Howard. Then Kobe starts talking in code to the media.

Some days it's just great to be a Clipper fan.