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Video from Clips Nation Night

Our Clips Nation Night basketball tournament at STAPLES Center after Saturday Clippers-Kings game was a lot of fun. Here is some video of the games I played in.

My buddy Jay came to Clips Nation Night on Saturday and his son shot some cell phone video of our games. I'm pretty we've got some other video coming and we'll link that on the site when it's ready.

I did things a little differently when putting teams together this time. I always keep people who sign up together on the same team. But this time, because Jay was playing and because Brett Pollakoff from ProBasketballTalk signed up with a couple other buddies, I decided to stick all the 40 somethings (and one 50 nothing in may case) on a team together.

It also happened that three 16 year old high school buddies signed up together, and so I put the other teens like Lucas Hann on their team. The net effect was that, in addition to the teams that were more or less centered on a group of four or five people that came together, we also had a team of old farts gentlemen and a team of young punks gentlemen. And as fate would have it those two teams met in the second round.

The video has all of my team's first round victory and most of our second game, in which we lost to the young guns. It was actually a pretty good game and our teams were pretty evenly matched. The old guys took an early lead, but the kids just ended up hitting more shots in the end and went on to the finals, where they lost to Citizen jrsmooth's group (the second time in three Clips Nation Nights that his team has won it all).

Unfortunately there aren't a ton of great Steve highlights on this video. A handful of decent passes, a block at the 4:45 mark. There are also a couple of airballs; I was getting good looks, but couldn't make shots. I did eventually make a floater in the second game, but the video runs out before that shot. You'll just have to trust me that I did score eventually.

As always the event was a ton of fun. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks for the fun birthday. Best 50th birthday party ever!