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More Clips Nation Night video

Be sure and check out this very slick video from Saturday's Clips Nation Night basketball tournament.

Citizen Carlos Castillo attended Clips Nation Night last Saturday for the sole purpose of getting some good video, which he most certainly did.

This is not your typical cell phone YouTube video. Carlos has made us all look very good, with HD video and some nice graphics added in. If you played on Clips Nation Night be sure to watch this, because you almost certainly will see yourself. Carlos filmed portions of all eight teams and has almost everyone included in the final product. That's a really nice thing too, when you think of it. He went to a lot of trouble to include as many people as he possibly could.

If you like what you see, then you should also 'like' Carlos' pages:

Facebook: Unclean Ramen Productions

Youtube: Unclean Ramen Productions