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Clippers Beat Down Wizards 102-84: Nothing's Easy (Quick Notes)

A quick confession. I didn't see the game... well, I saw bits and pieces, but I only just realized no one had picked up the recap. Maybe Steve is preparing a post. I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll make some quick observations... and someone will be back with more later:

- The Washington Wizards are a better team than we expected. The coaching change seems to have helped and the team is playing with heart and passion. They were in it up until the fourth quarter. They're still young and don't have first rate talent but they've got some players, John Wall, Javale McGee, Nick Young all look like real NBA rotation players. I didn't feel that way when the Clips played them in Washington two weeks ago.

- Wow... what a difference Kenyon Martin has made. The Clippers suddenly seem to have an effective bench. Who knew what Martin might bring. His stats in the Chinese league were unimpressive. We wondered if he would be in shape or had anything left at the age of 34. But he seems to be in great shape, and plays a physical, heady game. He's worked himself into the rotation seamlessly in just a couple of games.

- That very same Kenyon Martin has taken minutes not just from Ryan Gomes, but from Reggie Evans and from 43 million dollar DeAndre Jordan. Interesting.

- The Clipper braintrust seems to be carefully controlling Chris Paul's minutes. Not sure why, but, with a game tomorrow night it can't be a bad thing.

Here's the box. More later, maybe from me, maybe someone else.