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Warriors 104 - Clippers 97 - Oh No Udoh'nt!

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Here is your box score:

Here is a new feature I picked up from the Spurs game:

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1st qtr..
Cp3 starts out hot...milph points out cp3 doesn't wear his knee sleeves until 2nd half but is wearing them in the 1st tonight. Not sure what that means. Cp3 got message. He is involved in every score so far. Udoh with 8 early pts in 1st quarter! Foye struggling from field including an awful baseline pass to no one. Udoh outhussling dj on offense. BTW How does Udoh have more offensive game than dj!? Lessons learned: stay up on the 3 pt shooters.
Lessons learned: Someone guard Udoh!
Cp3 is a beast when engaged early!

2nd qtr
Paul stays in.. Vdn needs him and gives bg a breather. Offense sputtering with mo, bled, cp3 martin and reggie early in 3rd. 2 3s in row by paul. Has not missed any shot except for ft. Fnally gets a break at 20 pts. Helps the team climb back in game. No one can stop ellis. how do you not count pauls 3 when fouling dj!?Cp3 shoots Lesson learned:
Refs do not handle on the fly/smart plays like paul's back-to-back 3 pt tries at the end of the half! How can you not allow the shot to count on the 1st foul and NOT call a foul on the 2nd!?

3rd qtr
Missed most of this period, but did catch the worst outlet pass ever by Deandre! Cp3 cooled off this qtr. and seemed tired.
Lesson learned: Bedtime can sometimes take longer than the half-time show!

4th qtr

Blake got his 5th early in 4th. Mo and foye do their best to keep them in game. 6 for 7 from 3pt line. Paul's usual fall away shot not falling probably due to his extended minutes. Griffin and Butler disappear the entire 2nd half. Cp3 early but too many minutes. That last 3 minutes were awful, esp that last minute!...why not foul!? And if you don't foul, how about no open floaters by Robinson!? Lawler's Law holds true again.
Lessons learned: We need a solid starting SG. VDN should stick to his normal set substitutions and minutes.

I think this one hurts more than the Spurs loss, this was a 'winnable' game against a poor defensive team.

Denver is up next. Don't want a losing streak going into the AS.