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The Daily Clipper – Post Live Game Edition


Went to my first game of the season last night. I'm thinking I may not go the rest of the season! Don't get me wrong, the whole experience is great, but if I want to get frustrated watching these guys, I want to do it in the comfort of my own house!

Notes and Quotes from section 105:

  • Food and drink (non-alcoholic) weren't as sky high as I'd expect. Nachos and Soda (unlimited refills) = $16.
  • Team gear is another way overpriced!
  • Barea looks as big as me.
  • Overheard at the concession stand: "we should trade Mo and Foye for Beasley!"
  • An usher actually asked Kiki to stand somewhere else while waiting to do a game update.
  • DTS has the oddest smirk the whole game

  • Blue Line from LBC is worth it especially going to LA.
  • No Kiss Cam!?
  • Clakers (Clips-Lakers) fans count: 3

Here are some links for today:

Twitter / @ArashMarkazi: According to Elias, Derric ...
According to Elias, Derrick Williams is 1st player in NBA history to shoot 90% FG (min 10 FGA) & 100% on 3s (min 4) & FT (min 5) in a game.

Clippers just can't stop it as Minnesota rolls to 109-97 win -
The night before they leave for a six-game trip and right before they play 20 grueling games in 31 days in the month of March, the Clippers encountered a Minnesota Timberwolves team Tuesday night that played as if they had something to prove.

Clippers FYI: Vinny Del Negro says team will consider more moves -
Although signing Bobby Simmons gives Clippers 15 players, the NBA maximum, Coach Vinny Del Negro says he and team executive Neil Olshey will continue to look at possible additions to improve roster.

Twitter / @ESPNStatsInfo: Timberwolves got 72 bench ...
Timberwolves got 72 bench points vs the Clippers (27 apiece from Derrick Williams and Michael Beasley), most in the NBA this season.

Chris Paul has movie-star qualities on and off the court -
Every time he opens his mouth, I fear it might lead to disappointment. So far, the Clippers ' Chris Paul is an absolute wonder, coming across as good a guy as he is an unbelievable basketball player.

Small forward Bobby Simmons, who signed a 10-day contract with the Clippers on Monday, received a loud ovation from the crowd and played 17 minutes off the bench against the Timberwolves.

Los Angeles Clippers still learning to finish games - ESPN Los Angeles
Suddenly, the hottest team in L.A. is beginning to fizzle down the stretch.

Clippers toughest opponent could be schedule - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
When the NBA released the 66-game, lockout-compressed schedule, the Clippers always knew the end was going to be tougher than the start. Blessed with a relatively large amount of...

5 keys for the second half - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
Tweet 1. Manage the schedule The opponents on the schedule might not be as daunting as the days the Clippers are playing them on. The team’s in for a month-and-a-half...

DeAndre Jordan getting in the picture with his Twitter photos -
A practical joke by the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan -- taking pictures of sleeping teammates and touting them on his Twitter account -- has become so popular that players on other teams are copying the idea.

Sac-Town News

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