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Chris Paul and Others 'Fly Around' Defenders

CP3 Flying Around in his Jordans.
CP3 Flying Around in his Jordans.

As you may have noticed from the big advertisements, Jordan Brand is currently promoting the new Air Jordan shoe and the way it can help basketball players "Fly Over", "Fly Around" or "Fly Through" opponents.

Over at, they've got some examples today of the "Fly Around" piece of the puzzle, and Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers features prominently. They have video clips of five sequences, along with a poll where you can vote for which one is your favorite "Fly Around" moment.

Two of the five feature Paul in action against the Lakers in last year's playoffs. In the first clip, he undresses Andrew Bynum after the center gets stuck on Paul on a switch. Strictly speaking it's not really Paul who is doing the "Flying Around" -- he just creates a ton of space to take his jump shot. But in the process he does make Bynum fly around in a circle, like a puppy chasing his tail.

The fifth clip is of Paul matched up with Kobe Bryant. Paul lays a crossover on Kobe that gets him leaning the wrong way, and in a flash CP3 is at the rim. The subsequent trash talk even earned Paul a technical foul, which I'm guessing he thought was well worth it. That one is a true "Fly Around".

Go check out the videos and don't forget to vote for your favorite.