ESPN: The trouble with Vinny Del Negro


Bits and pieces from this spot-on article: This is a team that doesn't know what it is. And there is little evidence that Vinny Del Negro, the person in charge with forging the Clippers' identity, has the imagination and direction to cultivate one, despite being furnished with an impressive collection of talent. Del Negro has never claimed to be a strategist. He maintains that every team in the league runs the same basic stuff, and feels that giving players the freedom and confidence to work their strengths is his primary responsibility as coach. "I think it's important for guys to go out there and play off instinct instead of, 'Go here, go there,' or whatever," Del Negro said recently. "I like guys to play. I like guys to get a feel for what we're doing and how we're doing it and work off the instinct and play. I think guys enjoy the game that way a little bit better. Some guys you have to put into specific spots, whether it's because of a skill level or a strength or a weakness or whatever, but you want your guys mainly to just go out there and know what the game plan is and be able to execute it at both ends."