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Clippers 105 - Jazz 96 Roll Call/GIF/Props Thread

5 Wins in a row, since, uh, a long time (SP will have the exact date, I am sure). CP3 gets his elbow injured in the 3rd and we gasp. Although Blake did take over while he was out and the team made a nice run. I would have liked to have seen vdn keep that line up after paul left the game, as the lead was built back up to 13. Also, read on twitter, that Paul's 55 game streak with at least one steal was broken tonight. Steve will be along with a recap, meanwhile enjoy the results of tonight's threads.

PS...who will be the first to have Paul's behind-the-back-between-the-legs-look-off move for a lay up GIF!?

Roll Call: mikelipert, ClipperBEAST, wilriv21, UC.Clipper, JackduhSun, 82-0, SurfinQ00, itcouldbeworse, Beasel, FlyByKnight, tenkaistar, peterghost, the new Bradfather, buc.a.clip, Divine Beast, XXDC2XX, JJClipperfan, timkempton, Xfactor26, lovinglosangeles, lbclips, oakhillswag, dan73962, ThaFoX, jtballard2, dulciusXasperis, deux02, Clipperoo, mTumi, ColBlahHa, Pawn, zac4president, AudioDope, Buddahfan, Lawler's Law, religiousjedi, Charles Ha, bc56274, Sim, oLiViNGSToN, hans007
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Divine Beast 26
ThaFoX 20
jtballard2 19
dulciusXasperis 18
lovinglosangeles 15
AudioDope 15
the new Bradfather 13
Pawn 12
Lawler's Law 12
Charles Ha 11
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FlyByKnight 11
peterghost 10
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mTumi 8
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itcouldbeworse 6
UC.Clipper 5
JJClipperfan 4
Clipperoo 3
religiousjedi 2
oakhillswag 2
Sim 2
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Buddahfan 1
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