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Clippers Vs. Warriors Sunday - Send in Your Questions for a Warriors Blogger

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It went so well the first time we did this, that we're going to do it again right away. Rather than asking a bunch of questions myself, I'm giving you the chance to submit your questions for Nate Parham, from the outstanding SBNation Warriors blog, Golden State of Mind (one of six blogs that was part of SBNation when Clips Nation joined). Leave your questions in the comments section, and if it's a good and interesting one, then Nate will answer it. Please don't ask what the criteria are for choosing which questions get answered, and please don't feel bad if your question doesn't get selected. We're just here to have fun.

But don't delay. Get those questions in right away. The game is Sunday, so there's not a lot of time to turn this Q&A around.