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Western Conference Playoff Race - Sunday's Games with Clipper Implications


Unfortunately, the Mavericks are sitting at home resting up for the Clippers on Monday night. Still, there are some games we'll want to keep an eye on during the Clippers off day Sunday.

The big one is the last one, as the Lakers host the Warriors tonight at 6:30 PM. I would say that the injury-riddled Warriors have no chance playing on the road against the Lakers -- but then again, I would have said that the injury-riddled Hornets had no chance playing on the road against the Lakers as well. The other L.A. team, not unlike our own Clippers, is perfectly capable of playing down to their competition. There's also the exciting possibility that Andrew Bynum will attempt another three pointer, as he did the last time he played the Warriors. Still, after such a lethargic game yesterday, it's hard to believe they won't play a little better today. and Bynum will probably be on his best behavior.

In addition to Golden State at LA, keep an eye on Denver at Orlando and Indiana at Houston. The Nuggets and Rockets are currently tied for seventh and eighth in the West -- so losses from those teams help the Clippers maintain their positioning. These should be good games, as all four teams are fighting for playoff positioning.

Further down the Western Conference standings, 10th place Phoenix is hosting New Orleans, and Minnesota (11) is at Portland (12) -- although you can probably stop paying attention to those teams pretty soon, if you haven't already. The Clippers lead on Phoenix currently stands at 5.5 games, with just 14 left.

You can use this thread to comment during the Lakers game tonight.