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Stein vs. Hollinger - Power Rankings

Yeah, I know, you hate the power rankings. So do I. But I think it's pretty funny how far apart these two ESPN experts are.
Follow to John Hollinger. Or to Marc Stein.

The shorthand is this: Hollinger is scientific. He uses a formula and the rankings are updated daily. Stein watches games and assembles his list weekly, by feel, I guess.

For Clipper fans the important results are this: Stein has the Clippers ranked fourth in the NBA, behind only Chicago, OKC, and San Antonio. The Lakers are ranked fifth, and the Miami Heat are sixth. Suddenly Marc Stein likes the Clippers? Really? Hollinger has the Clippers eighth. The top ten is the Thunder, Bulls, Spurs, Heat, Knicks, Celtics, 76ers, Clips, Pacers, Suns. That's right, the Lakers are not in Hollinger's top ten. They are twelfth, behind Phoenix and Atlanta. Yeah. I'm not a Laker fan, but that's just dumb. Perhaps Hollinger should rethink his system.